Fun Horse Show

The 2024 Horse Show will be held on September 22nd.

Last year's favorite classes were the baby bottle race, the musical hay bales, and the costume contest class.


Registration begins at 8:00AM - COWBOY CHURCH at 9:30 AM  -  Show Starts at 10:00 AM

(Registration will be closed during Cowboy Church and will reopen at 10 am)

Current Negative Coggins Required on all horses

Entry Fee: $8 per class or all classes for $70

Ribbons Awarded to 6th place, High Points award to 2nd place, Points 1st - 6th places


  • 12 & under
  • 13-17
  • 18 & over
  • Walk/Trot Only
  • *5 Assisted

Helmets Required While Mounted for ages 17 & Under

2024 Class List

  1. *Flag Race
  2. Texas Barrels
  3. *Carrot race
  4. Ring Spearing
  5. Poles
  6. *Costume Contest Little Britches
  7. *Keyhole Race
  8. Laundry Race
  9. *Potato Race
  10. Barrel Race


Concessions, Dylan Trivia Game, Little Britches, Birthday Cake, Balloon Release, Raffle Drawings

Show management or Halifax County will not assume liability for damage, injury, or theft for exhibitor’s horses, equipment, to his personnel or self. Exhibitor will assume full liability for any claim or suit arising from damage or injuries cause by his horses, personnel, or equipment while on the Halifax County Horse Complex grounds.

Description of Classes

1) Flag Race: Rider carries flag and drops in bucket on barrel. Rider picks up flag that was already in bucket and brings home. Best time wins. DQ’d if flag is dropped or bucket/barrel is turned over.

2) Texas Barrels: Three barrels in a line. Rider weaves in and out of the barrels, turn end barrel and weaves back through barrels. Cross timer. Timed. 5 second penalty for each barrel knocked over. Failure to execute patten will result in DQ.

3) Carrot Race: Rider rides to barrel, dismounts, picks up carrot. Horse must follow rider around barrel and back to finish line. DQ’d if rider touches horse. Horse may bite carrot. Fastest time wins.

4) Ring Spearing: Using a wooden stick designed like a knight’s lance, participant rides past rings and spears as many as they can. 5 second penalty for each ring missed.

5) Poles: Fastest horse weaving in and out around poles. 5-second penalty for each overturned pole. DQ’d if pattern is broken.

6) Costume Contest: Rider and/or horse wears costume. Costumes are judged by panel.

7) Keyhole Race: The horse and rider will cross the timing line, enter the circle of the keyhole, turn around (in either direction) entirely within the circle of the keyhole, and recross the timing line. Fastest time wins. Failure to execute pattern will result in DQ.

8) Laundry Race:  Clothes line, 2 stands, laundry bag with clothes. Rider takes laundry bag with clothes to the clothes line and hang out the laundry.  At least one clothes pin must be placed on each piece of laundry. (Rider may dismount or stay on the horse.) Once clothes are hung on the line, rider will bring back other bag full of clothes for the next rider.  Cross timer. DQ if not all 3 clothes on line with clothes pins. 

9) Potato Race: Collect potato from barrel. Potato has to be with the rider at the finish line. Fastest time wins. Rider has to go around barrel.

10) Barrel Race: Fastest horse around 3 barrels (clover leaf pattern) 5-second penalty for each overturned barrel, DQ’d if pattern broken. Fastest time wins

Horse Show Gallery

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